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QuickPOST MiniPCI displays port 80 and 81 results on two 7- segment displays. Simply insert the card into an available MiniPCI slot and power up the system. The card will immediately display all codes that are output by the system. By monitoring the codes, you can easily determine hang-up points.

The QuickPOST Serial also has the ability to monitor Bus power supply voltages and reset signal.

Our Price: $149.99

QuickPOST LPC is the ideal tool for engineering or R&D department

Our Price: $149.99
QuickPOST PCI 3.3 QuickPOST PCI 3.3

The QuickPOST PCI 3.3 uses the latest decoding technology, follows established BIOS standards, and supports the complete PCI specifications to greatly reduce or eliminate the guesswork involved in troubleshooting systems that fail to boot. A must have for any PC Technician.

This test card provides the user with visual digital indicators for identifying every P.O.S.T. error code from all major BIOS manufacturers including AMI, AWARD, IBM, PHOENIX and more! Capable of displaying either Port 80 or 81 with a simple switch selection.

Our Price: $199.00